Our new patient experience.

Our new patient experience will be non-judgmental, while gaining an understanding of our patient's values with regard to their general and dental health. It is understood that each person enters our practice with their unique needs, circumstances, and objectives. We will make a sincere effort to build meaningful relationships with all of our patients that promote growth and personal responsibility for their own dental health.

Optimal care is our goal, and this creates long-lasting comfort, function, and naturally beautiful teeth. We will discuss treatment options and counsel you on making appropriate choices based on your individual needs and goals.

Choosing an appropriate dentist for your specific needs and goals is very important. We encourage you to set up a time to come tour our office, meet the team, and have a discussion with Dr. Kogan prior to deciding to become a patient in our practice. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in our office to provide you with the dentistry you desire.

If you have been invited to our practice by an existing patient, or are interested in learning more about our office, please call our new patient coordinator Michelle at (440) 646-1133 anytime that is convenient for you. Michelle will be able to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about joining our practice.

Many new patients have questions regarding dental insurance. We are more than happy to work with your third-party insurance carrier, and we have prepared a page to help you understand dental insurance more clearly. Please understand that our office provides care based on an individualized and personalized basis, and finances rarely prohibit patients from being treated in our practice.


A Note Regarding "Comprehensive" Care

We provide our new and existing patients with a “comprehensive” education regarding their unique oral health care needs, in addition to any systemic or quality of life implications that their current state of health and well-being may reflect. We believe that the comprehensive examination is the most valuable service we provide to our patients.

There are numerous components that affect our complex masticatory (chewing) system that are important to understand, and it is necessary to thoroughly examine our patients in order to fulfill our obligation to them as their primary oral healthcare provider. We pay a lot of attention to detail, as this is the only way we can provide our patients with customized, leading edge care.

Therefore, it is important that our patients partner with us as active participants in their treatment, and allow us to take ample time to examine the head and neck musculature, the temporomandibular joints, occlusion (the way our teeth come together), periodontal status, and a detailed medical, dental, and social history in order to understand our patients more clearly. We take very detailed and thorough records and photographs in order to provide our patients with the most appropriate and well-planned treatment options for their individual needs, goals, and desires.

After analysis of the information obtained during our comprehensive co-discovery examination together, we invite you to a review of findings consultation. During this consultation, we will educate and discuss any potential risk factors or problems along with corresponding recommended treatment solutions that are most appropriate for you and your circumstances.

We have found this approach to optimize outcome and minimize emergencies. It is only by supporting our patients needs that we ensure our success, and we strive to pursue excellence by continually improving and raising the bar in every aspect of our practice.

We understand, unfortunately, that this may be a radical departure from other dental practices that schedule new patients for a dental prophylaxis (“cleaning”) before meeting the doctor and having an appropriate comprehensive examination. This approach is unsuitable for our standards of excellence that we demand from ourselves, so please realize how important it is for us to get to know you in order to build a rewarding, long-lasting, meaningful relationship.

If you have been referred to our office by your physician for alternative therapies to obstructive sleep apnea and/or a sleep disordered breathing abnormality, please complete the Epworth Sleepiness Scale by clicking here.